What courses does your institute offer?
We offer CCNA, CCNP, and Linux courses.
Are there any discounts available from vendors for professional certification exams?
We are not partners with any vendors and focus solely on knowledge sharing and guiding students towards successful exam completion. However, our instructors will inform students if there are any discounts available for exams.
Do I receive a certification after completing a course?
Yes, upon course completion, you will receive a digital certificate.
Do you offer an installment plan for course payments?
Yes, we offer installment plans for each course. Please refer to the course details for more information.
Do you provide career guidance?
Yes, our instructor Wenura Mendis is highly experienced in networking and telecommunications. He is the CCNA and CCNP lecturer for leading internet service providers in Sri Lanka and offers career guidance based on his extensive experience. He also share
Are all courses conducted online?
Yes, all our courses are conducted online, with practical sessions using simulators like Packet Tracer, GNS3, and EVE-NG.
How do you prepare students for vendor certifications like CCNA and CCNP?
After completing the theoretical and practical sessions, we conduct revision and practical sessions to prepare for the exams. Each student receives individual guidance from the instructor to ensure readiness for the exam. Students who are not ready to take the exam immediately after the course can attend future revision sessions free of charge.
Who should enroll in these courses?
Our courses are suitable for individuals in Telecommunications, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science, Network Engineering, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Science, DevOps, and related fields seeking to enhance their expertise and obtain certifications.
Can beginners enroll in these courses?
Absolutely. Our courses, except for the CCNP course, are taught from the basics, so even those with no prior knowledge are welcome and will be guided accordingly by the instructor.
How can I get an idea of the teaching methods used by the instructor?
You can gauge our instructor's teaching style and expertise by visiting his YouTube channel 'Vibernets Streaming', where he discusses Networking, CCNA, CCNP, Cisco Certifications, Cybersecurity, Linux, Cloud, Wireless, and other related topics. If his teaching methods resonate with you, you can be confident in your learning experience.

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